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“I went to the boutique during my holidays, I bought a Toh one, I am in love ! .”

– Juana

“They both helped us when we went and they are incredible people. We loved talking with Mari. Thank you for your genuine interest in helping and pride in the brand you sell.”

– Ces Isunza

“High-level craftsmanship!.”

– María

"My bag is BEAUTIFUL and it arrived super fast. Thank you so much for your support in choosing the perfect bag for me"

– Selena

"Soo in love with your work."

– Larissa

"¡I want one!

They are gourgeous Paloma 🕊"

– Elba

"Yes, I've wanted one for a long time! Congratulations on the quality you provide It's art!!"

– La Casita de Lola

"I am a Mexican fan of your bags and fans. So proud!"

– The Flower Atelier

“I love the design and the vibe of the brand, you can be proud.”

– Elisa

What we do

We design products made with traditional techniques, natural fibers, local woods, made by artisans from rural communities in Yucatan

Embroidered history

Art in Motion

This beautiful handmade bag pays homage to our history. The design is from a tile from the early 20th century.

Letting History guide us

The amazing stream of inspiration provided by the rich history of the Yucatan peninsula is beyond our wildest dreams...