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Small, tender and cute, also known as colorful guardians, ladybugs are small insects that live among us, protecting the ecosystem.

These little ones are very striking due to their bright red color, peculiar black spots and tiny size. However, what is small about them is important and interesting.

You want to know why?

Here are 6 curious facts that you probably didn't know about ladybugs:

1. Ladybugs function as biological control agents, since they are natural predators of mealybugs, mites, fly larvae and other agricultural pests.

2. Due to its great appetite, it is estimated that a single insect can consume more than a thousand insects during the summer.

3. Around 6,000 species are recorded worldwide, and new species are constantly being discovered.

4. They measure on average between 2 and 6 mm (although there are 1 mm species).

5. The striking red color of ladybugs serves as a warning to their predators, as this tells them that if they are attacked, they will emit unpleasant repellents.

6. In various cultures, they say that seeing a ladybug is an indicator of good luck, in addition to being a symbol of prosperity and joy.

7. Ladybugs live inside trees, and when they occupy one, there are more than a thousand of them inside.

Incredible, isn't it? However, in recent years, according to SEDEMA, encounters with ladybugs are increasingly fortuitous, due to pollution, the use of insecticides and the rapid growth of cities (which ends up destroying green areas where they live). That is why we have time to make changes in our habits and reflect on what future we want for ourselves.

So now you know, we better take care of these precious little ones in our environment, and if one day you find one, it's your lucky day!


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