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At Paloma van den Akker, our extensive team of dedicated members at our workshop in Merida, the staff at our boutique, and the talented artisans in the communities around Yucatan, all share a deep commitment and value to our exceptional handmade products. Meticulously paying attention to detail, each individual's hard work and unwavering dedication play a crucial role in shaping the success of our brand. Together, we bring forth our beautiful artisanal products that hold the heart and soul of Yucatan, reaching the hands of our cherished customers.

We invite you to meet the team and embrace this remarkable
journey with us..


Paloma van den Akker (Founder & Creative Director)

Born in the Netherlands and raised in Carcassonne, in the south of France, she studied Design in Nîmes and Toulouse, earning a BTS degree in Applied Arts. After eight years of flying with Air France, love brought her to Mexico. Through her passion for Yucatán and interest in local craftsmanship,
she discovered the incredible artistry of local artisans, which inspired her to create a line of products for women and the home using local and natural materials through traditional techniques, all made with love by talented artisans.

The designs are inspired by the beautiful fauna, flora, light,
colors, and techniques found in Yucatan.


Olivia Novelo (Workshop Manager & Production Supervisor)

Olivia was among the earliest adopters of our brand when it first launched in 2016, demonstrating a deep understanding of every aspect of our organization. Her passion lies in fostering strong relationships with artisan communities and translating the concepts originating from traditional work into the refined designs envisioned by Paloma Van Den Akker.

Olivia oversees all production activities conducted within our workshop and extends her coordination and management efforts to various communities across the Yucatan peninsula. Amongst all, she brings a charming energy to work and is always looking forward to new opportunities

Pedro Duperon (Human Resources & Financial Administrator)

In 2020, Pedro joined Paloma van den Akker, taking charge of the brand'sadministrative and financial aspects. He handles responsibilities, including managing human resources, legal matters, and administrative tasks crucial tothe brand's operation. Known for his dedication and open mind, he approaches his work with great respect and professionalism.

Outside the office, Pedro enjoys traveling, watching films, and cherishing quality moments with his family.

Juan José Caamal Españ (Jefe de Desarrollo de Productos de Ropa de Playa)

Juan José es un diseñador de modas de Mérida, Yucatán. Experimentado en alta costura y desarrollo de colecciones, recién egresado del Instituto Díaz Aguilar, donde conoció el proceso de diseño de una prenda. Como responsable de desarrollo de producto Beachwear, lleva a cabo la esencia de la marca con su estilo y cuidado en los detalles, centrándose siempre en la experiencia del cliente, la creatividad y el amor por la ropa prêt-à-porter. Juan trabaja en estrecha colaboración con la diseñadora Paloma van den Akker y el equipo de producción para desarrollar nuestras colecciones de ropa de playa, garantizando la más alta calidad para ti.

Aparte de su trabajo, Juan tiene pasión por el arte, los idiomas, las muñecas, la fotografía, el dibujo y la naturaleza. Su curiosidad lo lleva siempre a descubrir nuevas experiencias y nuevas razones para amar nuestro mundo.

José Caamal (Production Team - Handbags & Accessories)

Jose serves as the lead seamster in our production team, bringing expertise in sewing techniques for henequen handbags and accessories. His specialized knowledge in the native textiles and fibers to the region is essential for crafting these unique products. He pays close attention to the quality control of products and looks out for any defects. Jose truly
enjoys all things related to textiles, design and fashion. Before becoming a part of the team he was working several positions at a textile manufacturer. He's a great storyteller especially when it comes to scary tales and has a special hobby for gardening fauna.

María Cumi (Equipo de Producción-Ropa)

Maria works closely with Vanessa, directly engaging in the production of apparel, including beachwear and clothing, where she meticulously assembles and sews each garment to perfection. Maria's passion for sewing started during her
teenage years, and her experience in the industry is extensive. Prior to joining our team, she worked at an Italian manufacturer specializing in luxury swim and intimate wear, gaining valuable expertise in sampling and product development.

Apart from her skills at the workshop, Maria is known for her green thumb and a talent for nurturing plants and animals. Her garden always boasts fresh produce that she lovingly incorporates into her cooking.


Natalie Canche (Boutique Manager)

In 2019, Natalie became the first member to join our boutique team in Merida, and is now our boutique manager. She takes  responsibility for ensuring the smooth functioning of our store, as well as overseeing distribution to various locations like Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and San Miguel. One aspect of her work that she particularly cherishes is the brand's idea of blending traditional artisanal products with Paloma's innovative and modern vision.
Hailing from the Yucatan community of "Acanceh," Natalie deeply values the effort put into the products at Paloma Van den Akker and effectively
communicates this understanding to the clients.

During her vacations, she loves spending quality time with her family and indulging in her favorite TV shows and films.